Breast Cancer Care was developed to address the general needs of all who have been touched by breast cancer, including newly diagnosed patients and long time survivors, as well as their friends, family members and coworkers.

But our unique and specific mission focuses on providing breast cancer survivors with accurate information about everything from post-surgery options and products to information about insurance and intimacy issues.
Women today have so many post-surgery options. Unfortunately, many medical professionals aren’t aware of the wide-range of products and services available and don’t discuss them with their patients. is dedicated to closing this gap and giving breast cancer survivors the information they need to resume normal lives, while feeling positive about their body image going forward.

Recent Articles

Breast Cancer Clinical Trials and Tribulations

How Do You Know if One is Right for You? For many people, the term “clinical trial” invokes the idea...

/ Apr 22, 2014

Finding Ways to Cope When You’re Hot, Hot, Hot

Hot flashes and menopausal symptoms after breast cancer Whether you have reached the age when menopause...

/ Dec 23, 2013

Aromatherapy and Music Therapy

by Linda Wasmer Andrews You know the peaceful feeling you get from smelling fresh-baked cookies or just-cut...

/ Oct 29, 2013

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